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Morris the Grape

Morris the Grape

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Welcome back: Mo grape, less problems, permanently!

I've always wanted a really nice grape vape. This juice reminds me of the juiciness of purple bubblegum, slightly tart sour tastes of biting through a yellow grape or even that vital purple sports drink after a big night on the town.

Best vaped at higher wattages where the juiciness really comes out, and gives you a candy-ish powdery mouthfeel (much more pleasant than it sounds, trust those massive amounts of reviews down below!).

This juice is a long time in the coming, has gone through too many iterations to count, and contains a hell of a lot of small components which add up to a damn tasty grape-inspired vape. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Flavour Profile


Sour grape, bubble gum


Sweet, apologetic grape, purple drank

Pair with

Rainbow bubble gum or its inspirations

Recommended Steep Time 1 - 3 Days
VG:PG Ratio - Doubler 84:16
VG:PG Ratio - RTV 70:30
Contains no nicotine Contains natural and artificial flavourings

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